This Woman Did What Only 6 in the World Have Done She’s all the inspiration you need today.

Grace Robertson has plans to be chief of her fire department one day—and she’s conquered her first obstacle towards that dream.

She’s one of the 7% of firefighters in the United States who are women, and she’s also one of only six to have ever completed the state of Georgia’s insanely tough Firefighters Laboring and Mastering Essential Skills (FLAMES) test. The test includes superhuman-sounding challenges like carrying a person up and down three flights of stairs (after a full day of drills) and deadlifting 235 pounds, all while functioning on approximately five hours of sleep over a 48-hour window.

But most impressive of all: Robertson conquered the test while she was on her period. (She watched many men drop out.)

“Being a woman never made me feel like less of a person.”

Watch the video to learn more about the training that helped Robertson best the test, then share it with a friend who needs a dose of motivation.